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Legal Fees

At Shaw Law Firm, we strive to be clear and concise in our fee agreements.


The firm will schedule an initial consultation with you to discuss your legal matter and provide professional advice regarding that issue.

There is no consultation fee charged for personal injury cases. Personal injury cases are billed on a contingency fee basis. Therefore, no fee will be recovered unless your case results in a favorable outcome.

The initial consultation fee for other matters ranges from $150 to $250, depending on the type of case and the attorney. Your consultation will typically last one hour. During your consultation, you will also be provided a clear outline of what the fees will be and the amount of any retainer required to represent you.


Shaw Law Firm provides quality legal representation. However, in order to retain the services of one of our attorneys, you will be asked to provide a retainer fee in advance of beginning any legal work on your case. This is a typical practice among attorneys and law firms.

The retainer fee is an estimate of how much the case will cost and is calculated by the amount of time it will take the attorney to complete your case. As the case progresses, the attorney records the exact amount of time spent and bills accordingly using an hourly rate.

Such retainer fees are required by law to be deposited into the law firm’s trust account. The interest on such funds does not go to the firm, but rather goes to programs sponsored by the State Bar of Arizona.


Shaw Law Firm wants there to be no confusion in what the cost is in hiring their legal counsel. A written fee agreement will be provided to you at the beginning of the case. The agreement will be signed by you and an attorney from our office. Our attorneys will discuss the fee structure with you in order to avoid any surprises or confusion. Not all attorneys provide fee agreements and itemized billing statements. This can lead to significant misunderstandings and expensive surprises.

Monthly-itemized billing statements are sent out with explanations of the amount of time spent on your case and lists any expenses needing reimbursement. The billing statements describe specifically what services were rendered on your behalf each day so that you are able to keep track of each item for which you are charged. The total is then transferred from the retained trust account to the Firm. You will not be asked for further funds unless the trust account retainer is depleted and your case is still actively being worked on.

To sit down and speak with an attorney about your case, contact Shaw Law Firm for a consultation.

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